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How to Make Your RTA Cabinets Wholesale Feel Custom?

One of the common misconceptions about RTA kitchen cabinets is that you will not be able to personalize them. nevertheless, there are a few tricks that can give the cabinets the special functionality and flair you are looking for. If you play with the little details of the new cabinets, inside out, you will be able to design the kitchen of your dreams.

RTA Kitchen Cabinets

Take a look at the tricks that will make your RTA cabinets wholesale look custom.

1. Flexible Organization

You need to make the most of the drawer storage of your RTA cabinets with creative shelving. No matter it is a pull-out spice rack of lazy susan for your corner cabinet or a drawer system for holding stacks of dishes in place, you will surely find an organizational system that will be suitable for your needs. You can adjust the drawer peg system over time to accommodate the changing storage requirements.

2. Glazing

Glazing is an added painting process applied to custom RTA cabinets to help the grooves of the architectural details stand out. Usually, the pin striping method is done on white or other lighter cabinets, with browns and dark grays being the regular glazing colors.

An all-over glazing method can also be used to give an additional layer of color to the cabinets. If you choose these options, the glaze can be hand-applied as part of the finishing process.

3. Change the Range of Hood

Apart from swapping out the cabinets as a part of the cabinet renovation ideas, consider updating the hood range over the cooktop. One of the top go-to options is stainless steel, you can do anything you like with a range hood, including coordinating it with your RTA cabinets. The method is great if you want the hood to blend in seamlessly with the cabinets instead of as a focal point. It can give the kitchen space a cohesive and custom-made feel.

RTA Cabinets Wholesale

4. Stemmed or Wine Glass Storage

In case you are a wine connoisseur or just want a place for storing your fine crystal, add a wine or mounting stem glass holder under the wall cabinets. The special RTA cabinet is available in different styles in cabinet stores. Options like this and more help you customize your kitchen look and create beautiful and practical storage space.

5. Wall End Shelves

Instead of capping off the row of shelves with a closed cabinet, open up the space using these shelves. It will give you the chance to display small appliances, bowls, dishes, and also your cookbooks. Having the items out and out will give you easy access and provide an added layer of texture to the kitchen. Moreover, it is one more special nuance of the cabinets to make the space appear more personalized.

6. Corbels and Molding

Crowing molding is a spending detail to add to the top-of-the-wall kitchen cabinets, particularly when you have to create a more antique and traditional space. Corbels, the support wedges can be placed close to the ceiling, under the breakfast bar, or under shelves. This can make the space appear more ornate. With such thoughtful touches, you can make the RTA cabinets feel customized.

7. Modified Cabinet Sizes

If you are worried that you will not be able to find cabinets for the tight cranny or nook, you might want to mix up things a little. You can choose from different cabinet modifications. This gives you the flexibility to adjust the RTA cabinet so they are the ideal fit for your purpose and space. For instance, you have a base and wall cabinets reduced in size or cut a space into the cabinet doors to make it appear like a custom-made cabinet.


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