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How to keep the bathroom vanities from any type of damages?

As it comes to bathroom vanities, they certainly undergo a lot of abuse. From staining hair colors to hot curling irons, these bathroom units tolerate a lot. Damage from self-tanners, hair-care products, and water is most common. Unfortunately, wood is the most popular choice for bathroom vanities. But it is quite prone to damages, especially ones from the water. But how will you safeguard?

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Tips to protect bathroom wood units from water and other damages

Okay, let’s talk about some effective tips to safeguard bathroom vanity cabinets from water damages.

  • Wipe water promptly – Though there is no dearth of high-quality sealants and paints. But the best way to control water damage is to wipe up the water on the wood promptly. Whether you wash your face, take a bath or get any liquid near the vanity units, do a check for any spill.
  • A Stone countertop is a good option – If you’re planning to renovate the bathroom and thus the vanity, a marble or granite countertop overhang can keep the wooden cabinets protected.
  • Clear coating is a must – Both cabinets and countertops must be covered using a good-grade sealant. Stone countertops are prone to have pores. So, the use of a sealant for them is a must. On the other hand, manmade materials are usually waterproof and stain-proof. For wooden vanities, the use of water-resistant paint would be great. You may also opt for clean coating. This will protect the wood from discoloration and unwanted warping.
  • Sand away stains – If you love to use natural wood for modern bathroom vanities, sand out the small damaged areas and stains (if any) with sanding and then re-staining. This is a funny DIY project that you will enjoy.

If you want to save your bathroom vanities from water and other damages, wipe the water as soon as you notice. Apply clear coating. Sand away the stains so they don’t get tougher. You may use a stone countertop.


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