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How to Choose the Right Handles for Your Cherry Kitchen Cabinets?

Choosing the hardware for your kitchen cabinets can be a daunting task. When it comes to cabinet handles, you have plenty of choices. There are multiple factors you should consider, such as the functionality, style, and colors of the cabinets. So, how to get functional hardware without giving up on your personal flair or style?

The main reason to install hardware for your kitchen cabinet is function but it does not have to be the only reason. Go for hardware that suits your kitchen style. For instance, if you have a kitchen with traditional design and cherry kitchen cabinets, pulls and knobs are more elegant, and ornate are an excellent choice. Modern and contemporary homes look the best with simple, which fit a sleek and clean look.

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Should Cherry Wood Kitchen Cabinets Hardware be Pulls or Knobs?

It is more of a design question than a size or functionality issue. Many people prefer having the same hardware but if you mix and match, it will give you the chance to incorporate your own style.

For instance, having knobs on the cherry wood cabinets pulls and doors on the drawers will give an excellent mash-up without clashing and helps with the functionality of the two options.

Size Handles are the Best Choice for Kitchen Cabinets

Another factor that you need to take into account is the handle size for the discount cabinets. A good technique to figure out is to try and know how comfortable they are for use. Are they too small or large? Are the handles easy to open or pull? These things will help in narrowing down your search.

The Different Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Style

You should also take the styles into consideration when you choose the hardware for the cabinets. Modern, classic, and farmhouse styles have dominated the kitchen design world for a long time. So, consider what style you have in the kitchen.

Farmhouse kitchens are a big craze since they give a relaxed feel to the space. With this, simplicity is the best way to go. Using pulls and knobs in basic and simple colors is your best course of action. Classic kitchens are known to be classic for a reason.

The kitchen style is sophisticated and elegant. Choosing hardware for wholesale kitchen cabinets that is more elaborate and embellished is the ideal option for this style.

The modern kitchen has been becoming more popular with time because of its sleek feel and look. Using simple hardware without bright colors or patterns is great for maintaining a clean look for the kitchen.

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What Color Hardware the Ideal Choice for Kitchen Cabinets?

Cherry cabinets are a popular choice when it comes to kitchens. Colors, such as stainless steel, black bronze, and nickel are great options for your kitchen cabinet.

1. Brushed Nickel and Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a good option if you are looking for a minimalist kitchen style. It can give a strong contrast with silver color. It will make the hardware and cabinet pop.

Brushed nickel can offer all the benefits of stainless steel to maintain a lower profile. It is ideal for a traditional-style kitchen.

2. Oil and Black Rubbed Bronze

Black hardware against cherry cabinets will give an elegant and beautiful contrast. It is an excellent choice when you want your kitchen to look more modern. Using an oil-rubbed bronze handle is an excellent option for a traditional or rustic-style home. The color hardware goes well with farmhouse-style homes. It gives your home a more vintage look.


Ultimately, the choice is all yours. Kitchen cabinet handles can help in personalizing your space. Take every factor into consideration before making the right choice.
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