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How Long Should a Vintage Cabinet Last Before You Replace Them?

One of the most crucial fixtures in your home is the kitchen cabinets. These fixtures should last more than a few years. You might be wondering how often you should replace your kitchen cabinets. But the reality is cabinets should last for more than a decade.

Surely, there are many variables about when you should replace the kitchen cabinets depending on the construction quality and how well the kitchen cabinets are maintained. There is the fact that vintage cabinet go out of style or a homeowner’s requirement can increase.

vintage kitchen cabinets

In this post, we are going to explain everything about how and when to replace vintage kitchen cabinets. The guide tells you more than you need to replace or reface cabinets and will dive deeper into the process to renew your kitchen.

How Long can a Vintage  Kitchen Cabinet Last?

Kitchen cabinets see a lot of use over the years. However, most vintage white cabinets are made to withstand many hands, many closing, and many opening. Be that as it may, only the finest-made kitchen cabinet will last forever.

In the lower end, vintage kitchen cabinets should last for at least a decade before you replace them. After about 10 years, poor-quality vintage cabinets will start losing their ability to close and might appear tattered. Sure, they can be salvaged but it will be affordable to get new cabinets.

For the next level, cabinets should last for 20-25 years with just a little maintenance. Over about two decades of service, vintage wholesale cabinet sets will be out of style and might not have the owners who put them in. Hence, it is always best to install new ones.

Is It Possible to Replace Just the Kitchen Cabinet Doors?

The door of the kitchen cabinet is the part that is most visible in the kitchen and easily becomes the thing that you do not like. In case the cabinets are in good shape and are offering enough storage, replacing the cabinet doors can be the only option you have.

You might think that replacing just the doors of the discount kitchen cabinet is going to be a more affordable option, many homeowners are surprised by how costly it can be. It might take some effort to replace the doors of the kitchen cabinet and adds up as opposed to having semi-custom or stock cabinets installed. Even though there are different types of cabinet doors, you simply have to check the one that works for you and the budget you have decided on for the kitchen.

Replace the doors for the kitchen cabinet is a good option since you are reusing various materials in the boxes of the cabinets. Replacing the doors will keep the boxes out of a landfill and stops manufacturing from using more resources or cutting down trees.

Vintage Cabinet

Reasons to Replace the Vintage Kitchen Cabinets

There are a few good reasons to replace your kitchen cabinets with brand-new ones. The motivation to replace vintage cabinets is different for everyone. Let’s check out a few of them.

a. Cabinets are the Wrong Size for the Kitchen

The vintage cabinets can be too small or big for the kitchen and that is the reason why many people are choosing to replace them. Having the right size can make a big impact on the utility and look of the kitchen.

b. Cabinets are Falling Apart or Broken

Like other kitchen cabinets, vintage cabinets will see wear and tear. Thus, it might take too much to get the cabinets to work properly. A few signs of worn-out cabinets are doors not closing all the way, signs of rot, hinges making noise, and shelves falling apart.

c. You Don’t Like the Cabinet Styles

If you don’t like vintage cabinets anymore, you can get new kitchen cabinets installed. They can dominate the appearance of the space and affect your mood negatively.

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