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Why Are Homeowners Obsessed With Installing White Cabinets In Their Kitchens?

As it comes to white, it is popular and preferred all the time. Well, it has a seasonal description. But homeowners are always obsessed with white kitchens. Such a kitchen is favored anywhere and everywhere. It is never outdated.

Reasons that people love white cabinets

Let’s have a quick look at the reasons that white kitchen units remain to be trendy until the end of time.

vintage wood kitchen cabinets

  • Spacious – The most common terms that come with white cabinets are spacious and airy. Basically, this is about what the eyes perceive things. Dark colors are often associated with nighttime, confined room, or cloud cover. On the other hand, light colors are found in nature. Human brains always connect bright and light shades with spacious and airy ambiance and surroundings. Vintage white cabinets, for instance, are often refaced with walnut glaze because this combination makes a small space feel bigger. Not only small kitchen owners but the owners of medium to large kitchens also prefer this quality of white.
  • Bright – White kitchens look bright. There is a scientific reason behind this. The light reflection value or LRV is the parameter of the amount of light color can reflect. The higher LRV ensures more light reflection ensuring more light in the room. White has almost 100 percent LRV. In the contrast, the LRV of black is 0 percent. So, there is no doubt that a white room will be bright. If a kitchen doesn’t get sufficient natural light or if someone wants to get the most out of the light available, white finishes would be the best bet.

    vintage kitchen cabinets

  • Clean and crisp – The best vintage cabinet is always brighter, fresher, crisper, and cleaner than its darker counterparts. This is evident even though it has no specific reason. Good hygiene and cleanliness are some of the most important attributes when a kitchen is considered. And this is how many homeowners love to have white cooking rooms. It is not possible to hide food stains, dirt, debris, mold, and mildew on a white surface. A white kitchen with non-porous worktops is the best in terms of health and hygiene. They are synonymous with a safe and clean place to sit together and have meals without the worry of an inkling of contagion.
  • Easy to embellish– Choosing style, fittings, and fixtures, patterns, and colors is thrilling but not always easy. It takes a lot of time and effort to choose them. Thankfully, with white kitchens, one doesn’t need to be concerned about them. White goes with almost everything. This can be paired with any countertop or flooring. And one can continue with this trend all through the life of the kitchen. So having vintage white cabinets effectively take off the pressure of the people who want to go for an easy kitchen renovation project. However, some people think that white will look too bland or stand. This is a wrong notion. Even a full white kitchen with white cabinetry can be absolutely welcoming if it can be paired with perfect decoration and subtle color accents.
  • Timeless – White vintage wood kitchen cabinets are eternal. They have been in the vogue for years without any complaint. Having a timeless kitchen like a white one ensures that you don’t have to remodel the same, frequently. Rather, you may only need to remodel it once or twice in the lifetime of the home. Moreover, white kitchens are attractive and enhance the resale value of the home. Homebuyers prefer to invest in a home having a white cooking space.

Hence, if you’re planning to design a new kitchen to renovate the existing one, white can be always a safe and good bet. However, before you initiate, talk to a professional for nitty-gritty related to the project.


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