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Give Your Kitchen a Perfect Lowcountry Vibe with Walnut Cabinetry

Lowcountry is a region in South Carolina that is very famous for its natural environment and cultural heritage with a very rustic warm appeal. For those who are unaware, the architecture of this region is very well appreciated to the extent that people have even incorporated it in their homes and especially kitchen.

And in this blog, we shall be talking about how you too can incorporate the Lowcountry look in your kitchen; the best way to do it is installing kitchen cabinets. Since we are talking about a rustic appeal, nothing goes better than walnut cabinets from GEC Cabinet Depot, one of the best cabinet manufacturers based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

walnut kitchen cabinets

Let us now find out how you can add a Lowcountry vibe to your kitchen:

  • Simple cabinetry and moldings: A Low country home is all about simplicity. There should be nothing over-the-top in its looks and should be understated and simple. GEC Cabinet Depot’s walnut kitchen cabinets provide the perfect look as well as the functionality you need, for any kind of your kitchen space. Opt for a shaker-style or inset style cabinetry along with plain moldings to complete the look.
  • Wood tones: This, as usual, comes free when you opt for modern walnut cabinets. The color walnut has the perfect wood tone that fills your kitchen with a warm rustic look that is characteristic of a Lowcountry home. However, be not doubtful as to whether you will be able to use it effectively. GEC Cabinet Depot offers full functional and storage efficient cabinets that allow complete space utilization. The walnut provides just the perfect touch of nostalgia to your kitchen while keeping the functionality modern. To complement the look, you can have a wooden countertop too.

Keeping these 2 simple points in mind will help you give your kitchen a Lowcountry kitchen vibe with walnut cabinets. Contact GEC Cabinet Depot and get going. Visit www.geccabinetdepot.com.

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