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GEC Cabinet Depot: Here’s why you must get Your Kitchen Revamped from Us

If you go through various home improvement magazines or blogs (especially the ones focusing on the kitchen), one sentence that you’ll surely come across is “A Kitchen is the Heart of the House”. But, when it comes to renovating this particular nook, most of the homeowners refrain because they feel it’s going to make a huge hole in their pocket. Well, the fear of bank balance reduction should strike you only when you are hiring a professional interior designer, because you have to pay him/her fees, separate labor and raw material charges, etc. But, if you come to us, GEC Cabinet Depot, you will surely breathe a sigh of relief. Why? Of course, because we provide kitchen remodeling services at a very attractive price of $1799! Isn’t this a lucrative offer?

Wondering, what do we exactly do to remodel or renovate your kitchen? Well, from replacing your existing cabinets with something better such as shaker style cabinets (there are other options too) to installing attractive and quality granite countertops and even sinks, we do it all.

What? Still not convinced about choosing us? Then, give this blog a good read.

  • Free Design Consultation: Do you want to see how your kitchen would appear post-renovation? If yes, then we are definitely the go-to company for you. Why? Well, it’s because we have experts who can prepare a computerized kitchen design according to your instructions so that you can see how your renovated kitchen would look before you finally hire us. That’s a good deal, isn’t it?
  • Wide Variety of Options: If you choose us for kitchen renovation, be rest assured, we are going to provide a wide variety of options on cabinets, sinks, and even countertops. Yes, that’s right! So, you can easily choose all these “kitchen essentials” according to the overall theme of your kitchen (yes, you have to think about a theme!)

For instance- If you want to keep the theme vintage, you can opt for white shaker cabinets, team it up with black granite countertops and an ordinary sink. And, if you want your kitchen to be modish, purchase stylish brown RTA cabinets and contrast it with white granite countertop and a modern kitchen sink.

Thinking whether we can provide all these products or not? Yes of course, we can!

If this blog has convinced you to choose us, then get in touch with us immediately by calling at (612) 877-6999.

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