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What Factors to Consider to Choose the Best Bathroom Vanity for Your Home?

Are you considering remodeling your bathroom? When you do so, one element that you need to pay attention to is vanity. A bathroom vanity is the focus of the bathroom and sets the tone and style of the most used room in the house.

Different types of discount bathroom vanities are available in the market. So, it might not be easy to find the option that will go with your bathroom décor. Prior to selecting the bathroom vanity, you need to consider a few things.

Best Bathroom Vanity

1. Size of the Bathroom

One of the primary considerations while buying a bathroom vanity is the bathroom’s size. In case the bathroom size is small, it will take out many vanity options, like a double sink vanity. The bathroom’s size might influence the style of the bathroom vanity cabinets you get. For instance, if you are searching for an intricate style, it might only look good in a larger bathroom. It is also crucial to learn where the vanity is going to be placed. Even if it is a large bathroom, space might be restricted because of the plumbing’s location.

2. Check the Plumbing

Before purchasing affordable bathroom vanities for your bathroom, you should check your plumbing. Based on where the plumbing is, you might not have many choices when it comes to where you can put your vanity.

Changes can be made to your present plumbing but it is not going to come at a cheap price. It might need to have a big budget for covering the additional expenses. You can take the help of a professional plumber before you can start to decide how much you want to set aside for the additional cost.

Based on the vanity style you want, you might have made some changes to the plumbing system. If you are getting freestanding RTA vanity cabinets will cover off-center plumbing problems. The style can be good for small budgets as it often is not necessary for making expensive changes. However, if you are getting wall-mounted vanities, it might require you to spend more money and some additional work.

3. Choose the Sink Style

There are various sink styles to choose from. Based on a certain style can be a matter of function or preference. For instance, a vessel sink vanity appears to look in good both modern and older homes.

Before you choose the sink style, you need to consider the bathroom’s look and style. You also have to consider the storage needs and the bathroom’s size. A few sink styles are designed for small spaces and go well for tiny rooms.

Another thing that you should take into account you require a sink or two. If you are planning on installing double-sinks, you should know that they might take up more space but they are excellent for people who have to share their bathroom with others.

discount bathroom vanities

4. Decide on the Storage Space

Lack of storage is one thing that many people complain about. You have to store cosmetics, cleaning products, and various other things that have to be stored in the bathroom. In case there are not enough spaces in the storage, the bathroom might appear to be cluttered. However, having sufficient cabinets and drawers for each item might make all the difference.

You have to keep all the storage requirements in mind while you buy an RTA bathroom vanity. But don’t buy one that is too large for the space but there has to be enough space for the item. Don’t forget that you should be able to open the drawers and doors without bumping into them. Hence, make sure that you measure the space beforehand.

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