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A Few Exciting Vintage Cabinet Ideas That Were Abandoned Wrongly By Many Of Us

With the advancement in technology, our kitchens have become an ultra functional workspace in most cases. The kitchens are now equipped with sleek appliances as well as high-tech gadgets. Over time, our emphasis on innovations has made us remove many well-loved popular features of past kitchens. And it’s time to bring back some of them.

vintage white cabinets

Vintage kitchen ideas

  • Stoves with storage – Vintage stoves with storage compartments and a cozy appearance provide a homey feel. They are perfect for hosting a gathering. The compartments allow cooking many dishes at various temperatures while keeping other items warm. It takes less space than what a double oven needs. If you can’t find the old version, you can opt for the modern version that features the functionality and look while offering more efficiency. You may add vintage kitchen cabinets as well.
  • Integrated spice rack – Built-in cabinets are common. But classic wall-hung spice rack is not seen in the kitchens, nowadays. The spices and herbs are shut out of the sight. As a result, we miss the vivid textures and colors of the spices. But we could have displayed them as kitchen décor. Moreover, keeping spices, oils, and herbs handy speeds up cooking.
    vintage kitchen cabinets
  • Fireplace – The kitchen is the heart of a home. This is the place where friends and family gather to chat, cook and eat. Though a fireplace is not needed for cooking, it makes the kitchen comfortable, cozy, and inviting.
  • Mounted plate rack – The traditional plate rack was a smart storage solution. It helps to hold the plates and serving platters neatly while keeping them easily accessible. Install them in your kitchen and enhance the visual appeal of the room while enjoying the handy functionality of the rack. Vintage cabinets sometimes are featured with mounted plate racks.
  • Farmhouse sinks – These sinks hark back to the time when water for cooking and washing needed to be brought to the kitchen from wells or springs. The sinks have much to offer other than their rustic appearance. Their deep bowl helps to wash large pans and pots. The apron front is quite user-friendly. These are a great combo of utility and aesthetics. And this makes them trendy in the recent time.

These are some of the exciting ways to give your kitchen a vintage look.


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