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A Few Essential Factors to Decide On Before Choosing Cabinets for Your Kitchen


So, you have finally decided to renovate your old kitchen. Irrespective of the size of the kitchen, making the right selection of kitchen cabinets can be intimidating. However, if you’re aware of the basic areas, it would be easier to make a wise decision regarding your selection.

Factors to know

  • Customizationis needed or desired – This is the fundamental thing whether you want or need to customize the furniture.  Many homeowners think that they need custom cabinetry because of the unusual size of the wall. However, this can be an expensive option. It will have a long lead time as well. Why should you waste your money and time when you can get the same look and functionality with semi-custom or stock kitchen furniture? Semi-custom ones are made according to the sizes usually required by the customers though it may have a predetermined increment – a 25” cabinet, for example, in place of a 25.5” one.  For the unused space, a spacer can be used. Stack cabinets can also be bought. They are the least expensive kitchen furniture option. All you need to check is the quality of the material as they might not be made of solid wood. Nevertheless, if you’re capable to afford it, walnut kitchen cabinets can be a good option for your cooking room.
    walnut kitchen cabinets
  • The cabinet should be functionally and aesthetically soothing – Most of the kitchens have wall cabinets, base cabinets, or both. These cabinet units are equipped with doors instead of drawers or open shelving. Upper cabinets are used for display purposes and the base ones are used for storage purposes. For the base cabinets, a pull-out drawer would be a greater option over the swinging doors. However, many homeowners don’t want to have the upper cabinets. They rather prefer open space along with the base cabinets having a backsplash behind them.
  • Settle on whether you want a frame or no frame – This is another major decision to make regarding the selection of the kitchen cabinets. Decide on whether you want framed or frameless furniture. Framed ones are a more preferred choice for traditional kitchens. The doors of the cabinets are attached to the front frame. The hinges remain visible. Cabinets that have doors attached directly to sides of the cabinets; the hardware remains hidden. The frameless option looks amazing on white kitchen cabinets. Whether you want a framed or frameless unit can impact the selection of doors, hinges, and hardware.
  • Evaluate the additional costs to bear for additional features – Many kitchens have swinging doors and, drawer and door accessories that enhance the cleanliness and functionality of the kitchen. Pull-out trash cans or worktop compartments would be good examples to consider. Drawers in the base units will make it easier for you to reach pans, pots, and utensils. They are definitely helpful. But they can increase the cost of renovation by 20 percent or even more as the costs of the hardware as well as the installation are on the higher side.
    modern walnut cabinets
  • Lighting is an important factor – Irrespective of the kitchen renovation size, lighting plays an important role in changing the aesthetics and functionality of a space. Integrated lighting has become quite popular with kitchen cabinets. Such lighting with the cabinet can range from the fixtures. The lights turn on as you open the drawer. This would be a great choice for your midnight snacking. Modern walnut cabinets come with this unique option. Under-cabinet lightings are also preferred and can be easily installed. Local hardware stores stock such lights.

Whether you’re renovating your kitchen or installing a new one, knowing the discussed factors well would make your journey uncomplicated and effortless.


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