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Discount Bathroom Vanities- Should You Replace or Paint Them

Often, your bathroom tells the age of your home. This is the reason they are always the most popular rooms to renovate. But when starting the bathroom renovation project, the first thing that homeowners ask is whether you should replace or paint the bathroom vanity cabinets.

You might look into the bathroom and wonder if it would look better if you perhaps had different bathroom vanities. It might be the case when your discount bathroom vanities are completely worn out. But there are certain instances when you just have to improve the look of the bathroom vanities and you can improve the look just by painting them.

Bathroom Vanities

Let’s take a look at how to tell if you should replace or paint the bathroom vanity cabinets.

1. Paint When Everything is Fine Other than the Color

In case you look at the discount bathroom cabinets and you find that fundamentally there is nothing wrong with them, except for the colors, it might be a good idea to paint them instead of replacing them.

In case you are looking to improve the room and have altered the look of the rest of the room, it is possible that the bathroom cabinets will not look as good depending on the new paint in the room.

In such as situation, it is better to repaint the cabinets.

2. Replace if the Vanities are Coming Apart

One of the simplest ways to find out if it is time to replace the cabinet is if they are coming apart. With time, even the best bathroom cabinets can deteriorate and when you take measures to fix them, the vanities might come apart.

This thing shows that it is better to replace the cabinets when you are considering bathroom cabinet renovation.

3. Paint If the Color is No Longer Your Preference

Surely, you might have some good intentions when you first painted the vanities, it is possible that your color taste has changed over time.

In case that happens, you do not have to replace the cabinets completely since you just have to choose new shades for the vanities for the bathroom renovation process.

Surely, it can be a tad difficult to choose but once you realize that you just have to paint and not replace them. It is simply a matter of doing what you can to get a series of color choices and then the one that suits the space the best.

4. Replace Them If There is Damage Beyond Repair

When you take a good look at the cabinets and find that there is some considerable damage to them that can be fixed, you can fix it all by yourself or hire someone to do it for you.

But there are some damages that are so extensive that is going to cost you a lot to repair. So, it might be better to replace the vanities. In case you don’t have any sentiment attached to the bathroom vanities it is better to replace them.

5. Paint if the Colors have Faded

In case the colors of the vanities are fading a little and that is the only problem, you should know that painting them is a good idea.

It is silly to replace them when you can make them look new. Painting them will not require the same effort as replacing them completely.

Bottom Line

If you are an experienced DIY specialist, painting the vanities might be affordable. But if you are hiring a professional, make sure that you consider the cost and added value of replacing the vanities. The price difference might not be as much as you expect but it is necessary to take into account when you wonder if you should replace or repaint your cabinets.

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