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What are the Different Types of Discount Bathroom Vanities?

Interior décor and design trends come and go, and there are a few rooms in the house, which can have a return on investment when you make even basic improvements. One is the kitchen but so is also the bathroom. An affordable and easy way to improve immediately the function and good looks of the bathroom is to change the vanity.

Discount Bathroom Vanitie

There are different kinds of discount bathroom vanities available and homeowners are going to find them in different big box stores from cabinet makers and bathroom suppliers. If you are planning on bathroom upgrades, it is better to familiarize yourself with the most common vanity styles.

1. Free-Standing

As the name implies, the free-standing bathroom vanity cabinets from the room and the wall, are just like a cupboard or dresser. It has good looks and the same advantage of something as the pedestal sink but has enough ability and storage to hide the plumbing. These vanities have a sink built into the surface and are very strong pieces of furniture made of strong materials, which can withstand years of wear and tear.

2. Vessel Sink

It is one of the top innovations that pairs a free-standing vessel sink bathroom vanity wholesalers, such as a beautifully glazed basin or metalwork bowl, which sits over the vanity surface. Remember it has a visual appeal and enough storage options. However, it can be expensive and might take up a lot of space.

Vessel sink bathroom vanities are common these days for commercial purposes, like in hotels or restaurants. You can choose from a range of design options. The vessel bowls come in different kinds of materials, such as natural stone or tempered glass.

Discount Bathroom Vanities

3. Pedestal Sink

It is an anti-vanity option, which features just the sink on a pedestal. A pedestal sink wholesale cabinet for the bathroom is a good choice if there is limited floor space in the bathroom or if you have a certain design in mind. A pedestal sink vanity is a stylish and efficient choice. However, if you need more storage or counter space, it will provide non.

4. Wall Mount or Floating

The pedestal sink sits atop a base or pedestal, while the wall mount sink is attached to the wall like discount kitchen cabinets. it is one of the most classic and iconic options. Many fail to realize that their bathroom has a wall-mounted sink just because the vanity has been added around it. If you are on a budget, this is a good choice for you. Wall-mounted vanities are also great if your bathroom is small. To install it, you need reinforcements on the wall. The plumbing will be fitted inside or exposed.

5. Narrow Depth

Usually, the vanity depths are 21-24 inches. However, there are times when the walking space in the bathroom cannot accommodate the usual spatial needs of a vanity. If the walkway has to be wide or a narrow doorway restricts how deep a bathroom cabinet can be, the narrow-depth vanity can save the day. It needs a special basin or sink, too. Generally, it will be less than 21 inches in total from the wall and might require a unique set of taps or faucets to meet the needs of the room.

6. Corner Vanities

This is another bathroom vanity style that caters to the special requirements of bathroom space. The corner vanity is a popular style for washroom space. For instance, a bathroom with just enough room for the sink and toilet might feature a corner vanity to make use of the space that is available. It will necessitate the use of a round sink and also incorporate a wall mount option for saving further floor space. These are special sinks and vanities that can help in converting even the smallest space into an aesthetically appealing and functional bathroom.

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