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Design a Mid Century Kitchen with Walnut Cabinets from GEC Cabinet Depot

Modern life is pretty demanding. Your work, responsibilities, personal and social engagements, everything demands a piece of you. Where can you find a bit of respite? When you are dealing with a lot of pressure, think of creating an abode that will offer you peace and harmony. And while designing such a home, think of changing the modernity into something different, closer to the roots, especially for your kitchen.

We at GEC Cabinet Depot offer you our exclusive range of walnut cabinets that will exude a warm and welcoming feeling in your kitchen. Now, you can design a mid-century kitchen décor with our cabinets. How? Take a look.

walnut cabinets

Team the Grain

Walnut kitchen cabinets come with a beautiful wooden texture and warm grain of its own. This adds to the golden glow of the wood. This is an attribute you can use in your mid-century kitchen beautifully. Choose a white quartz countertop with linear grains. The texture will add a stunning character to your kitchen design.

Go Flat for Doors

A mid-century kitchen is all about functionality with minimal style along with the traditional touch. You can achieve this complex combination with flat door styles for your modern walnut cabinets. Minimal and yet traditional in appeal, this will beautifully complement the décor.

Airy and Peaceful Layout

Keep the layout airy and relaxing. Let natural light come in as much as possible. Keep the floors as much clutter-free as possible. The whole place should look like the one where you can spend a lazy afternoon with your loved ones. To add up to the glam quotient, you can choose some station lights hanging from the roof. Go for simple lights instead of an elaborate chandelier.

So, now as you know how you can create a mid-century kitchen with our range of walnut cabinets, what are you waiting for? Visit us today at https://www.geccabinetdepot.com/ or buzz us at (612)877 6999.

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