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What Are the Most Common Kitchen Types Suitable for Shaker Style Cabinets?


While planning your kitchen renovation project, you will have a lot of options to be implemented. You need to check on each and everything – from worktops to cabinets to finishes and colors. Moreover, you have to take care of how the kitchen complements the rest of the home. The layout of the kitchen is another important aspect to consider. After doing all these renovations if you find that the cooking room is looking dated, you may think about another modification. And shaker cabinets are something that can help you with this. The style is versatile and classy. It gives your kitchen as well as the whole house a timeless look.

Types of kitchen suitable for shaker style kitchen cabinets

Shaker-style cabinets are suitable for mostly three kinds of kitchens – contemporary, transitional, and traditional. Let’s talk about them.

Shaker Style Cabinets

  • Contemporary or modern kitchens – The design started its journey at the beginning of the 20th century. It is featured with geometric forms, flat surfaces, and angular sleek designs. Modern kitchens include the Scandinavian or industrial design of the kitchen as well. Such kitchens are known for the least ornamentation and clean lines. Man-made materials such as ceramic and laminate are mainly used to design the kitchens. However, natural materials like wood, marble, and granite are also used.Shaker cabinets fit perfectly in a modern kitchen mostly due to their uncluttered design. You may use sleek bar pulls for a minimalist look. The cabinets can be left in their natural wood finish. You may think about cherry kitchen cabinets.
  • Transitional kitchens – These kitchens are about a transition between traditional and contemporary. However, it’s not about simply mixing the elements. Rather it’s about making a space that features the bests of both modern and traditional kitchens in terms of style and functionality. A transitional kitchen provides the functionality and minimalism of a contemporary kitchen with the warmth of a conventional kitchen. A combination of man-made and natural materials such as concrete floors, wooden cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and marble worktops are used in such kitchens.Shaker cabinets are ideal for such kitchens because they are created for both conventional and contemporary ambiances. If you don’t want your kitchen to look too modern, install wooden shaker units and bring the warmth of tradition. On the other hand, if you don’t want your cooking space to appear too traditional, add shaker cabinets but with a touch of a high-gloss finish.

    For your transitional kitchen, natural color palette ensures a timeless look. Avoid using pops of shades. Rather layers of texture would be a suitable option. You may use kitchen items in different colors like brown, white, and gray. It would be good to use tile, polished stone, or wood as the key material.

    cherry kitchen cabinets

  • Traditional kitchens – Traditional kitchens are cozy and homey. They feature many details and characters to make the entire space welcoming. Cottage style and farmhouse kitchens may be considered as examples of traditional kitchens. The kitchens are featured with distressed accessories and muted shades to give a lived-in look. They are usually made of granite, copper, and wood. Light cherry cabinets are a good choice for traditional kitchens.

Shaker kitchen furniture is famous for being simple and sleek. However, they can be detail-oriented as well. Just addbeveled edges to the doors of the cabinets and include traditional aspects to them. Or else, just use white paint with distressed glaze or maintain a light wooden finish. Crown molding can be another good option to keep the traditional ambiance throughout. A traditional kitchen looks like a lived-in one. So, avoid something too matching. Rather you may add vases full of flowers, antique signs, or colorful utensils like cups and bowls as worktop décor.

These are three types of kitchens that can be best suited with shaker-style cabinets.


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