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What Color Hardware should you Get for Walnut Cabinets?

Walnut kitchen cabinets are the most popular choice. You will get walnut wood in different sizes and stains. The exclusive look and design of the walnut kitchen cabinets will enhance your kitchen’s appeal.

But having walnut cabinets in the kitchen is not enough. You will also have to consider the color of the hardware. Surely, you cannot pair it up with ordinary hardware. The hardware color can make or break the walnut cabinet’s look. Thus, selecting the right design for your kitchen design becomes important.

walnut kitchen cabinet

If you are confused as to which hardware will be suitable for your walnut kitchen cabinets, take a look at the options given below-

   1. Gold Hardware

Gold hardware will make your kitchen look rich. It is one of the most common choices when it comes to walnut kitchen cabinets. Gold pairs seamlessly with the shades and tones of the walnut wood. It makes the design appear elegant, bold, and bright.

But it has a traditional look and might require accessories, such as a marble countertop for a modern look. You can choose to limit the use of gold hardware on the kitchen’s island to give it a transitional look. Use, muted and smaller knobs for shaker modern walnut kitchen cabinets to give it a balanced style.

   2. Tan

Walnut wood and tan have a similar color tone. Hence, the combination will look monochrome and cohesive. Tan hardware will offer a subtle contrast to the doors of the walnut discount kitchen cabinets and will look different with a little lighting. Tan hardware will appear glossy and glorious in dark ambiance and black in bright light.

Tan is a high-end and luxurious hardware color. So, it is more adequate for a traditional kitchen than modern spaces. But you can give it a modern touch by adding a marble countertop and backsplash tile.

   3. Silver

Silver is a neutral color. It serves as a sharp contrast to modern walnut kitchen cabinets and will make them look polished and refined. They look the best on cabinet handles and pulls. However, when you combine it with fused glass tops, it can look more luxurious.

Usually, silver is modern-day cabinet hardware. Hence, it will modernize walnut cabinets in the kitchen and will make it appear composed and chic.

   4. Black

Black is a timeless color for walnut cabinets, which offer the much-required contrast. It can make walnut discount kitchen cabinets offers the contrast you require and will make it appear modern. Black is neutral and will balance out the tone of the walnut cabinet. In fact, black also goes well with different faucet and countertop colors and improves the visual appeal.

But a walnut cabinet with black hardware will look darker. Thus, they look balanced with a lighter marble countertop and white backsplash.

walnut kitchen cabinets

   5. Gray

Gray is one of the most neglected colors. But it is also flexible, which goes perfectly well with the wooden hues. Also, it is suitable for all types of kitchen designs. Since it is a neutral color, it doesn’t add any character to your walnut wholesale kitchen cabinet. Use the gray hardware to neutralize the cabinets instead of accentuating them.

The gray color offers a soft contrast against your walnut kitchen cabinet and doesn’t overwhelm the look. It gives a minimal look to your walnut kitchen cabinet. If you haven’t decided on the kitchen style, you should opt for gray hardware.

   6. White

White is a crisp and sharp color for the hardware that accents the cabinets very softly. It makes the kitchen appear composed and bright. White hardware gives your kitchen a Scandinavian touch.

With white handles, you can give your kitchen a farmhouse looks when you combine it with a dark granite countertop. But if you can give it a modern touch when you use it against a light marble countertop.
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