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Why Should I Choose Shaker Style Cabinets?

Shaker kitchen cabinets have box-shaped or square edges. Their overall appearance is that of a four-cornered cabinet frame but with inset panels. They usually have straight lines and have gentle curves. The crafting process of these cabinets is a tad different than traditional kitchen cabinets.

White Shaker Cabinet

Are Shaker Style Cabinets Still in Style?

White shaker kitchen cabinets never go out of style. They come with timeless designs and their historically significant and framed look makes it an excellent complement in conventionally designed kitchens.

Furthermore, the stripped-back designs of these cabinets mean that they work well with modern designs, too, especially the ones that focus on minimalism. White shaker kitchen ideas aren’t contemporary or traditional, they have versatile designs that you can manipulate to fit different unique styles. Thus, when you are installing shaker-style cabinets in the kitchen, you don’t ever have to worry that they are going to look outdated. In simple words, they are timeless and reliable additions.

What are the Benefits of White Shaker Cabinets?

Shaker-style cabinets have been a staple in American kitchens for a long time now. Let’s take a look at the benefits of white shaker-style vintage kitchen cabinets.

1. Simplicity

At times, less is more. this statement is highly accurate in this case. shaker-style cabinets have never been about ornamentation or fluff- their appeal comes from the most practical and modest design, which focuses on no embellishments and clean lines.

Since shaker-style kitchen cabinets are straightforward, the onlooker’s attention is drawn in other directions, such as the countertops, walls, or fixtures. But these cabinets no doubt enhance other features with their understated appearance. The focus is on the quality of the materials, woodwork, and the color or stain of the cabinets.

The simplicity of shaker-style cabinets can add a calming effect to the kitchen.

2. Versatile

The simplicity of shaker-style cabinets makes them a flexible choice. the quality of craftsmanship and practical designs, which goes into making them will blend into a striking minimalist décor or classic farmhouse kitchen.

There is a reason that they are as popular even today in the 21st century as they were in the 18th century, in case not more. No matter what is the latest trend in kitchen cabinet design, there is always room for well-crafted and simple cabinets.

Homeowners choose shaker-style vintage white cabinets or modern cabinets because they easily fit into almost any kitchen. But there is a wide range of finishes and stains that go with these cabinets, including-

  • Dark Brown
  • Classic Chestnut
  • Natural Wood
  • Blonde Wood
  • Dark Gray

Remember, there is no wrong choice of stain or color when it comes to well-constructed kitchen cabinets.

3. Timelessness

The origins of shaker-style kitchen cabinets date back hundreds of years but homeowners around the world use them. They are timeless, which is another reason they are popular among players.

Since the time it had been introduced into the market, they have existed in all types of kitchens. They have survived in all home design trends. Thus, there is no need to worry that these cabinets are going to look outdated in just a few years.

4. Accessible

Shaker cabinets are affordable. The shakers were simple people and they stressed functionality in their design. Thus, these cabinets have a naturally extensive popularity among homeowners.

Although shaker-style kitchen cabinets from excellent materials, they are not highly pricey. As a matter of fact, they are still more accessible than other decorative items available in the kitchen these days. the price of different shaker cabinets depends on different factors yet you can get them at a reasonable price.

Now, you have a good idea about the utility and origins of shaker cabinets. In case you are remodeling your cooking space or replacing the cabinets, you can do a lot more with these cabinets.

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