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Cherry Delight- Our Eagan Kitchen Remodel Project with the Traditional Warmth

A traditional kitchen that will exude warmth and welcoming feeling – this is what the pre-requisite was for our Eagan kitchen remodeling project. The client didn’t want much of a fuss in the kitchen interior. The demand was retaining functionality while ensuring the style will remain true to the traditional roots making the kitchen glow warmly and beautifully. And what could have been a better choice of wood than cherry itself?

Cherry is the type of hardwood that is the perfect option when you are looking for a dark hue that will retain the glamour and elegance for a long time. Cherry is the natural wood that becomes darker with aging. As a result, the reddish-brown grainy texture of the cherry kitchen cabinets seemed to be the perfect fit for the kitchen that we, GEC Cabinet Depot, were designing. How did we nail the project? Take a look at the following points.

cherry kitchen cabinets

Complete Cabinetry with Inset Door

In this kitchen, cabinets were the most predominant feature. So, naturally, we designed both base and upper cabinets. To keep the design minimal and functional with a subtle appeal of elegance, we opted for an inset door style. The plain doors with a slightly raised panel made the look simple and cozy.

The Golden Contrast

When the walls were painted in neutral beige color and the flooring had the traditional hardwood design, our designers felt that a bit of golden contrast will be perfect for complementing the traditional vibe of the kitchen. And that is why with the cherry wood cabinets, the best countertop we zeroed on was golden-hued granite. It enveloped the space in a beautiful warm glow while creating a stunning contrast.

Good Old Functionality

As the design was completely bereft of too much ornamentation, we felt that sticking by the functional steel for metal accents in the kitchen would be the best idea. Hence, from the appliances to the faucets, we chose everything in steel. And voila, the warm cozy traditional American kitchen was all set!

If you too are looking for a similar design of cherry kitchen cabinets for your kitchen interior, then come to us. Visit https://www.geccabinetdepot.com/ to explore our gallery or you can give us a call at (612)877 6999 now for more details.

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