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Cherry Cabinets for Your Kitchen – Some Important Things to Know About Them


When it comes to a new kitchen installation or a kitchen renovation, the key element to take care of is kitchen cabinets. Wood is the most preferred choice for these cabinet units while cherry wood is the most popular option. The wood is popular amongst the homeowners mostly because of its rich look and warm tone. It is available in a wide color range – from pale yellow to deep brown with red undertones. Although it’s a bit costlier in comparison to other hardwoods such as maple and oak, it is much more durable.

Reasons to choose cherry cabinets

To help you determine whether to choose cherry wood kitchen cabinets for your home considering the budget and aesthetic demand, here are some factors that you must go through before making any decision.

cherry wood cabinets

  • Key traits of cherry wood – It’s a closed-grain hardwood available in a wide array of colors from light yellow to dark brown and everything in between. The wood has a reddish hue that makes it unique. The grains of this wood are also notable. You can find curls, knots, gum streaks, and abrupt swirls. The wood is mostly used for traditional furniture styles including country, mission, and shaker. However, it can be used well for modern kitchens too!If the kitchen receives plenty of sunlight, the wood will get darkened quickly. So, choose the shade accordingly. For a well-lit kitchen, a lighter hue would be wise because even if it turns darker, you will still like its color.
  • Finishes of cherry wood – Cherry wood is often preferred by homeowners owing to its unpredictable yet distinguished characteristics and the aging process. It has nice finishes and stains. No matter if you choose a lighter version or the dark cherry glaze, the cabinetry will make your home warmer and more appealing.If capturing the actual character of the timber is your mission, you may go through different finishes and stains. However, experts recommend going for a glazed, varnished, or natural oil finish for a better look and durability.

    A glazed version would be the right choice for a traditional kitchen. The glaze protects the darker stain by coating and sealing its color. It also ensures that the shining will be intact over the years. On the other hand, its original brown hue with red undertones would be simply great for the cabinets in case your kitchen has versatile characters. Go for linseed or tung oil finish if you want the wood to get darker over time.
    cherry kitchen cabinets

  • Cost of cherry kitchen cabinetry–If cherry kitchen cabinets are your priority for a kitchen renovation, you need to pay around 25 to 30 percent more than what you would have to pay for oak or maple wood. You may, however, try RTA units with a rich cherry finish. You can also get that kind of finish in birch, ash, or maple wood. Ultimately, it depends on your budget. Don’t forget to consider custom aspects of installation and fitting and, demo work.Keep the kitchen design simple to cut the corners. Build out your chosen layout and consider the ideas you need to establish a new kitchen. Once you decide on the design, you may check the cost using a kitchen renovation estimator.

Benefits of cherry wood for kitchen cabinets

  • The wood comes in various dark stains and finishes.
  • The wood is smooth and close-gained. It offers beautiful variations.
  • The color of cherry timber is unique. It gets better over time making it a perfect choice for discount cabinets.
  • You can easily sand, carve and mold the wood as per style requirements.

The dark reddish undertones make cherry wood beautiful. It takes in darker stains that are better than any other hardwood. And this makes it an ideal choice for kitchen cabinetry. Irrespective of the hue of the wood, cheery wood brings life and richness to your kitchen.


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