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Best Colors to Choose for Your Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

The bathroom is one of the most important areas of your home. Also, it is one of the favorite spaces to decorate for homeowners. However, while designing the bathroom, a key thing to consider is the storage. Homeowners rely on bathroom vanities to do the heavy lifting for them.

Bathroom Vanity Cabinet

But when you are choosing your bathroom vanity, you have to choose the bathroom cabinet color carefully. You have to consider how your vanity is going to look 5-10 years down the line. Instead of chasing trends, choose colors that will go with the décor and will give the vanity a lasting look.

Here are the factors you need to take into account while choosing your bathroom vanity cabinets.

1. The Size

You need to take some time to consider the features of your bathroom. Consider if it is large, small, full of natural light, or dark. The size, layout, and amount of light in the space will have a significant impact on the color selection for your modern bathroom vanities.

You have to keep in mind that dark-colored cabinets can make the space feel smaller. But a light-colored cabinet will help in opening up the space. So, it will appear much larger.

2. The Flooring

You should also consider the flooring color. Check if it is dark, light, or somewhere in between. The contrast between discount bathroom vanities and flooring can be an excellent design element. For instance, you can choose to pair white cabinets with cream tiles or brown-colored wooden floors.

3. The Countertops

The most common countertop materials in bathrooms are granite, concrete, and quartz. While some just have a single color, others are multi-tonal. It is necessary to consider the flecks of color in the countertops when you are choosing the cabinet color.

4. The Wall Color

When you choose the bathroom or wholesale kitchen cabinet color, it is necessary to coordinate it with your wall color. What’s good is repainting the walls are easy. Hence, you can always change them to match your cabinets better.

Most Popular Bathroom Vanity Color

Some of the most popular wholesale cabinet colors to choose from are discussed below-

  • Bright White

White is the most preferred color when it comes to bathroom cabinets. From there, the decision is the type of hardware to use. Nickel, unlacquered brass, and matte black are the most popular choices.

  • Cream

In case white is a little stark for you, go for the creamier off-white cabinets. It might be what you need for warming up the space.

  • Black

Classic but moodier, black is a timeless color when it comes to the bathroom vanity color. In case your bathroom also has shelves, do not shy away from painting them in black color to match.

  • Black and White

If you are unable to decide between black and white, you can choose both. The shuttered dual-tone detailing shoes that the two shades work the best together.

  • Dark Wood

Deeply stained, rich wood can make an impression on your bathroom. The contrast between light wallpaper and dark wood will create a gorgeous look.

  • Blackened Wood

Another great option is to blacken the cabinet completely. The look can shine on the bathroom cabinets below the sink or the whole chest of them that stands on their own filled with your bathroom essentials.

  • Light Wood

Light wood is a splendid choice. Go for a color like this one for creating a spa-like retreat along with calming and white tones.

  • Charcoal

Within the realms of neutral, a rich gray color can be pleasing to the eye of your bathroom cabinets. Charcoal gray will go beautifully with white, without the harsh dynamics of white and black.

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