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Best Wall Paint Colors to Go Well with Cherry Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Cherry cabinets are known for their beauty. It has a reddish-brown tone and smooth grain that looks excellent in any kitchen. However, due to its heavy dark color, it might be difficult to understand the color schemes that go well with cherry cabinets.

cherry kitchen cabinets

So, here are the best wall paint colors you can choose against the cherry wood kitchen cabinets.

   1. Gray

There is nothing wrong with playing a little safe when it comes to the kitchen wall colors. A classic gray shade, which isn’t too much on the blue side can make the space look more modern, even if the cherry kitchen cabinets have an older style. For accentuating the gray wall colors, get stainless steel kitchen appliances.

   2. Sienna

You are under no compulsion to go for different colors in the cooking space. Just accept the red undertones of your cherry cabinets and paint the kitchen walls red or sienna. The outcome is the kitchen will look monochromatic. Make sure that you choose this when you have a large-size kitchen. If you don’t, the color choices will look smaller and cramped instead of looking well-decorated.

   3. Greige

A softer griege color will always work with your cherry shaker kitchen cabinet. They work as a great contrast against dark cherry cabinets. White tile backsplash, gray stone countertops, and stainless-steel appliances help in balancing the rich wood. It makes the space look bright.

   4. White

Not every white kitchen wall will lack imagination and look boring. Don’t forget the cherry cabinets are the star in your kitchen space and white walls can be the ideal backdrop. White ceilings, walls, and molding will add brightness to the kitchen. It will keep your kitchen from looking pale and give it a distinguished appeal.

   5. Pale Yellow

Do you want the kitchen to look bright and sunny even if the weather is a little gray and dull? Use pale yellow color for your kitchen walls. When you use it against the cherry wood cabinets, it can feel energizing instead of feeling overwhelming. Accept the ceramic dishwasher and copper pots to give the space a French vibe.

   6. Olive Green

Olive green can serve as an accent color for your kitchen with cherry cabinets. It is both bohemian and sleek. So, when you combine it with cherry cabinets, it will shine. In case you think that the olive shade will clash with the red-toned cabinet, just keep the other colors in the kitchen space minimal.

   7. Pale Green

The green color complements red. Hence, it can set off the cherry cabinets excellently. You will find a plethora of verdant shades to select from, a pale green will give an intriguing look to the minimal kitchen space with cherry vintage kitchen cabinets.

   8. Navy Blue

If you want a dramatic and rich look for your kitchen, you can choose navy wall paint. It is a color that can create a little moodiness. However, you can easily balance the effect using bright elements, such as hanging copper pots. You can also choose to color the lower walls navy blue and cover the upper part with a white tile backsplash. The outcome is going to be timeless.

   9. Light Pink

Create a vintage look with vintage white cabinets and pink walls. A couple of coats will bring out the undertones of cherry wood. It will offer the kitchen a retro vibe. You can play it up a little by adding a few accent pieces.

   10. Lemongrass

It is a tad different from pale yellow. Lemongrass is a softer green color with hints of yellow. The color idea might be a little uncommon but works like magic against cherry cabinets. If you have a small kitchen, it will work really well.
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