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The Best Things You can Use to Clean Vintage White Cabinets

Wiping stains and grease off the kitchen cabinets is one of the most difficult chores that are out there. Nevertheless, they can be a necessary evil as you want your kitchen cabinets to be spotless and hygienic.

You might want to use the best cleaning agents to clean the vintage white cabinets as they cut through the stains and grease very easily. However, you might end up damaging the cabinets.

vintage white cabinets
vintage white cabinets

So, what do you use to clean the cabinets? If you want to bypass the damage, you can take a look at the remedies given below.

1.Drying Oils

In case your vintage cabinet is made of wood; drying oils can be the ideal bet to cut through the grime and grease. You can use orange, walnut, and linseed oil can be used for wiping cabinets in your kitchen.

Work them into the angles and grooves using an old toothbrush for wiping off the dirt. When you are through, the oil can dry to form a protective layer on the cabinet’s surface. It helps in repelling grime in the future. But you should avoid using oils, such as olive or coconut as they remain soft on the surface and might attract more dirt.

2.Warm Water and Dish Soap

It is a cleaning agent that can be used on all types of cabinets. You can use it even if it is made of metal. But make sure that you are choosing a non-abrasive dish soap and dilute it with warm water. When you are done cleaning the discount kitchen cabinets, you can use a clean cloth for wiping them. A few areas might need a little more scrubbing but that should not damage the finish if the soap is mild. Wipe the surface using warm water. In case you have metal cabinets, make sure the surface is fully dry as the exposure to prolonged moisture and dampness might cause it to rust. Also, wood can be damaged with prolonged exposure to moisture.

3.Baking Soda

Baking soda is considered to be a useful home remedy. In fact, it can help in cleaning your kitchen cabinets, too. All you have to do is mix two parts of baking soda and one part of water to apply to the blind corners of the cabinet.

But when you are using baking soda, you should keep in mind that they are abrasive. Hence, you have to be gentle enough while using the paste on the cabinet’s surface as it might damage the finish of the vintage kitchen cabinets. It can be a good solution for your wood cabinets.

4.Soft Erasers

It is a cleaning item that can work like magic on the marks and scuffs of the wholesale kitchen cabinet sets. These are generally found at the bottom of the cabinets. Just work the eraser over the scuff mark and it is soon going to disappear. But make sure that you check the eraser by using it on paper before using it on your cabinets. This is to make sure that it does not leave a trail or color of its own.

Bottom Line

Rather than relegating the cleaning part to the end of the task list, wipe them down every day. This helps in avoiding build-up. It might not be your favorite task but the sparkling and clean surfaces give you a sense of satisfaction. It will make your cabinets look great. Also, since you are always keeping them clean, it will improve their durability. Often, you feel lazy enough and leave out on the kitchen cabinet cleaning chores. However, you should not do that and make all efforts to keep them clean. Regular cleaning goes a long way in protecting them.

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