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What Are The Best And Most Effective Ways To Save On Kitchen Cabinets?


Do you want to renovate the kitchen cabinets but delay just because of a strict budget? Well, a kitchen renovation can do a great wonder for a home. It enhances the property value. Moreover, with remodeling, the kitchen is likely to feel more functional and better for daily use. But kitchen furniture is an expensive investment. And so, homeowners are skeptical about this big purchase. Being a homeowner, you need to be careful about the time of the purchase. Make sure you invest at the right time. Late November and December could be the best season for getting new cabinets for your new kitchen or replacing the existing ones.

During this time of the year, the demand for contractors is low. So you can have more room for bargaining and thus nail a better deal. Moreover, during this time, you’re likely to grab holiday deals that influence the price. With the deals, you may save 10 to 15 percent on your purchase.

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Tips that help you save on kitchen cabinets

Before you make the final decision, have a look at the following tips and use them accordingly to save on your kitchen cabinet purchase.

  • Do thorough homework–The style and design of the cabinet sets can give a genuine setback in terms of your hard-earned dollars. Therefore, before investing, consider visiting some home improvement stores as well as online retailers. Go through the catalogs to understand available options. You must decide how much you can spend. This will help you narrow down the options. Whether a basic, medium level, or premium – the item should be bought based on your need and budget. The more intricate look asks for more money to be spent.
  • Avoid fancy traits–Why should you get glazing, glass doors, or fancy knobs if you don’t really need them? However, if you need them, get ready to spend a good chunk of money. So, if you’re on a tight budget, it would be better to opt for the standard models. If you can’t afford glass doors, install whatever you can presently afford. You can get fancy stuff once you save up sufficient money. But if you’re fascinated by fancy knobs, you can visit big-box stores where you can get items at cheaper rates. You may get a discount kitchen cabinet as well.
    discount kitchen cabinet
  • Consider the weather conditions – Kitchen renovation can be done any time of the year. Whether it’s summer or winter, remodeling the kitchen cabinets is also possible throughout the year. Usually, homeowners prefer to renovate cabinets during the warmer season when searching for dry surfaces and moving around are easy. But during this time, it might be hard for you to find a suitable contractor. And when there will be more demand, the contractors are likely to charge higher fees. So, it would be good to take up the renovation project during cold months – between November and December. Moreover, the contractors might provide you with a better deal as the demand for them won’t be high anymore, this time. You can negotiate the rates and ask for discounts, as well.
  • Check installation charges – The cost of kitchen cabinet sets is not all that should be considered for cabinet up-gradation. Yes, the cost should be within your budget. But don’t forget to consider the installation fees as well. The installation charges include labor charges and costs of different supplies. These account for a good chunk of money. When it comes to the labor charges, they eat up a huge fraction of the entire replacement process. It can add up to over 50% of the cost that you may have to pay for new kitchen cabinets. The labor cost will be even higher for furniture with intricate designs.

So, if you’re planning to save on your pocket in terms of kitchen cabinet renovation, check out these factors before making a final decision.


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