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Best Bathroom Trends That Will Work with All Decors

Sure, your home is where the heart is. But you should still focus on how your real home looks and function. If you have an outdated bathroom design, you need to address it. This will refresh the look of your entire home. You can update your bathroom with fixtures and stylish accents.

Best Bathroom Trends

In this blog, we are going to take a look at how you can work with discount bathroom vanities and other elements in the bathroom to give it a refreshing look.

1.Touchless Faucets and Updated Sinks

Faucets are the most popular upgrade that you can get for your bathroom vanity cabinets. Recently, there has been an upgrade in the sinks and counterparts. There has been more focus on the necessity of washing hands, especially since the pandemic hit. People focus more on washing their hands. This is the reason interior designers are focusing more on the space to wash hands.

Homeowners are making their space more stylish and inviting while improving function. To make the bathroom space more hygienic, you can get a touchless fixture. There are various products in the market that make it achieve these projects.

2.Multipurpose Storage

Everyone wants to make sure that their bathroom vanities wholesale function better. This can lead people to rethink the old layouts of their homes. Studies have shown that linen closets within the main bath are a highly sought-after feature. In the time to come, bathroom layouts are going to open up to include dressing areas, laundry rooms, closets, and more.

3.Organic Style

The organic style emphasizes natural materials, earthy colors, and many plants. It has become the theme for several homes. In fact, it has become the top bathroom style. Accents that complement the style continue popping up in bath design, particularly the ones embracing a connection to nature.

discount bathroom vanities

People are installing skylights as a source of natural light. Watery blues and earthy greens are appearing in the bathroom, too.

4.Integrated Technology

With the increasing popularity of touchless faucets for RTA bathroom cabinets and smart toilets, technology keeps getting integrated into bathroom designs for better efficiency and more comfort. Wall-mounted, digital, and tech-savvy controls for showers or heated flooring are the top bath technology trends being used by homeowners.

Bath ventilator upgrades are also quite popular for 2022. Steam-sensing and humidity exhaust fans work without the users having to turn them on or off. It is a popular investment that can sustainably and practically replaced old ventilators. Small-scale connected products, such as mirrors and scales can make your way into the bath.

5.Better Vanity Lights

82% of homeowners upgrade light fixtures to make sure they have a brighter bath. Black and gold finishes keep providing stylish accents. White glass is also becoming popular as homeowners are moving away from the old-style bulb. Self-lit new trends in bathroom cabinets are a popular choice when it comes to brightening baths. The trend shows a shift to sustainable LED lights.

6.Universal Design Updates

One thing that you do not realize is that these trends are connected to universal design principles. In fact, it is the motive behind multiple bathroom improvements. More than half of the bathroom renovations are performed to address requirements specific to groups, such as young children, aging family members, or people with disabilities. Universal design is an important factor that influences bath design.

Check the accessibility to converge with popular spa-inspired shower design in the time to come. More and more people are upgrading their shower experience with fittings, such as body sprayers, rainfall showerheads, and mood lighting. Many are installing handheld showers, curb less shower entries, and shower seats. While the features are often integrated into luxury towers, they are also combined with universal design.

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