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What are the Benefits and Drawbacks of DIY RTA Cabinets Wholesale Painting?

Homeowners often consider kitchen remodeling categories where they can save some here and spend a little there. In case you love your kitchen’s layout and the cabinet boxes are in good shape, all you need is a few refinishing touches.

To save some money, you might consider painting it all by yourself. But before getting too excited, you need to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of a DIY painting project for your RTA cabinets wholesale.

RTA Kitchen Cabinet

So, let’s dive in to know these advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits of DIY RTA Cabinet Painting

Here are the biggest advantages of painting your RTA cabinet all by yourself.

  • Saves a Lot of Money

The cost tends to go down if you want your own cabinets since a bulk of your money is spent on labor charges if you hand them over to a professional
It is time-consuming to paint your RTA kitchen cabinets due to the replacement or removal of cabinet drawers, doors, and hardware. Thus, while the cans of paints cost professionals double or even triple digits, the cost is slowly going to add up.

  • Lets You Update Something Else

Surely, you can save money by repainting your cabinets. It means you will have more money to spend somewhere else for your kitchen remodeling project. This is definitely a great benefit.
In case budget is a problem, you should look for informative articles on the kitchen remodeling process. It will help in making the right decision.

  • Bigger Impact

As you repaint your kitchen cabinets, you can give the space a visual boost. In fact, it is a quicker fix.

Drawbacks of DIY RTA Cabinet Painting

A few of the drawbacks of repainting wholesale kitchen cabinet models all by yourself are listed below.

  • Not All Kitchen Cabinets can be Repainted

Before you even consider repainting your RTA discount kitchen cabinet models, ensure they can be repainted.
In case the cabinets are chipped, warped, or damaged- a fresh coat of paint can look better but flaws can start becoming evident. Also, contemporary and rustic kitchen solutions for cabinets with grain patterns might not be possible to paint if you have to hide the grains completely.

  • Energy and Time Consuming

It can take a lot of time to paint your kitchen cabinets that appear professional, solid, and streak-free. You need to take out everything, label things, sand the cabinets, prime them up, tape them, and paint them. Once you have painted them, make sure it has dried up completely.  Then you have to reverse the process to put back everything.

  • You will Need a Spray Gun

Unless you prefer the look of brush strokes, you will have to get a spray gun. This is what the professionals use to paint kitchen cabinets. unfortunately, it needs some finesse and know-how to achieve a professional, lasting, and distressed cabinet look.

  • It will Crack, Chip, and Scuff

Regardless of how careful you are, DIY painting for your wholesale kitchen cabinets isn’t as durable as its professional countertop. Your newly painted doors of the kitchen cabinet can crack, chip, and scuff again faster than they would have if you would have got it done professionally.

Have You Thought About Looking for Cabinet Painting Professionals Near You?
You should know that it is possible to reface your cabinets at half the cost of substituting them. But refacing can cost you a little more than DIY painting. However, it is just half the cost of completely replacing the cabinets. Moreover, it can over durable outcomes that can be supported by a warranty. Refacing is also known as cabinet resurfacing. It comes with multiple benefits and only a few drawbacks.

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