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What Are Some Amazing and Useful Bathroom Vanity Ideas for Your Family?

A bathroom vanity is something that people head to as they begin their day. So, give it a good thought about how you want this unit to feel and look. A bathroom vanity must complement the overall design concept of the bathroom, its style, and layout. Besides, it should match your taste, requirements, habits, and budget.

Bathroom vanity ideas and tips

Here are some amazing modern bathroom vanities ideas to use during your bathroom renovation and, take your morning and evening rituals to the next level.

modern bathroom vanities

  • Have a spot for both the kids and parents – In a tiled master bathroom, having a child-height vanity next to its adult-height version is a good idea. This would impart good oral habits to your little kids.
  • Use wood to drape everything – Wood is a good option for the bathroom. Don’t be skittish about it. Wood can create a serene and comforting ambiance. If you belong to a woodsy locality, the bathroom design would connect to the surrounding space. But choose the right wood as you’re going to use it for the moist spaces. Also, utilize it consciously.
  • Repurpose natural items – Why don’t you try an irregularly shaped sink made of a boulder? Such organic stones seem to float beside the soaking tub and shower.
  • Think about a pedestal sink – Though it is not so popular, it is classy. A classic pedestal sink made of ceramics brings a touch of vintage design to the modern restroom. This would be even better if you’re updating your old home with some modern details.
  • Double sinks can be a good option – A bathroom vanity with double sinks is becoming popular. This option lets two people brush their teeth at a time. The use of marble sinks would be great for this purpose.

These are a few things to consider while choosing the right vanity for your modern bathroom.


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