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3 Simple Steps To Add To Your Kitchen Cabinetry Maintenance Routine

For people who wanted to add a distinguished look to their kitchen décor, they have always went for kitchen cabinetry. Kitchen cabinetry brings in a lot of utility and whole new look to the kitchen.

GEC cabinet depot brings you a variety of kitchen cabinets to adorn your kitchen with based on your own utility and design. Our white cabinets range includes mystic white, vintage white, and polar white. Our brown cabinets range includes walnut, café Vienna, cherry shaker and more.

However, the utility of the cabinets is not all. Kitchen cabinets also invite a lot of dirt and stain which can lead to them losing their appeal and utility. So, in order to make them last for a longer period of time, there are precautions that need to be taken. Doing this will certainly lead to an increase in both their looks and longevity.

Walnut kitchen cabinets


  • Constant cleaning

Regular wiping of your cabinets is essential in order to avoid moisture, and rust from getting collected. Using of chemicals is unnecessary, as simple regular wipes can really avoid the collection of dirt. On the other hand, the usage of chemicals can hamper the quality of your cabinets. For example, the timeless white hue of the white vintage kitchen cabinets can be lost. Walnut kitchen cabinets can lose their rich tonal quality and lead to a sooner deterioration of the material.

  • Opting For an Exhaust

Using a kitchen naturally brings in the use of oven and stoves. These can lead to the collection of food and grease particles that with time get stuck to the cabinetry. This is especially true for the white Vintage Kitchen Cabinets since the color white is more vulnerable to stains and the occurence of mold. And these can indeed be very tough to clean. Using an exhaust can save your kitchen cabinets and help in preventing these particles from collecting in your kitchen space.

  • Stronger-Stains control

For stronger stains, that mere wiping cannot remove, there are other techniques to maintain the quality of your new cabinets. You can use paper towels for such stains and spray bleach on the towels if you want. Spraying bleach holds the stains in the towel. Another way to soak up the stains is by using Lemon juice especially on white surfaces.

GEC Cabinet Depot brings to you a long range of kitchen cabinetry with long sustainability that are clean and easily-maintained, and help your kitchen go a long way. For more info, you can always call us at (612) 877-6999 or send us an email at contact@geccabinetdepot.com.

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