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3 Cabinet Colors that Will Dominate the Canvas in 2020

When you are designing the home interior, it is necessary that you think of knowing what is actually in trend. At the same time, following trends blindly is not the best option either. Striking the right balance, creating the look that will go by the ruling trends while also making sure that the décor will be timeless, there are a lot of things that you have to think. So, next time, when you are planning to design the interior of your kitchen, try to find out about the trends. And for that, think of the colors first.

Our designing experts at GEC Cabinet Depot are always updated with industry trends. So, here, you will directly hear from them about the three ruling hues that will rule the canvas of the kitchen interior in 2020. Take a look.

white shaker cabinets


Timeless, versatile, and one of the most elegant hues, white is surely a popular choice as it has been for the past few years. Practically, homeowners can’t get enough of it. When you are trying to strike the balance between style and functionality, white can offer you immense possibilities. For a kitchen where the dominant color is white, our white shaker cabinets will beautifully fit it.

Dark Brown

Dark reddish-brown is never out of style. A warm hue like cherry red that grows darker with age will make your kitchen look glamorous. Even when you are trying to create a stunning contrast in the design, it will undoubtedly help you to achieve that look.


If you are not looking for any particular wooden finish and wanting to paint your kitchen, then going for dark grey is a great option. The rich hue, the stunning finish and the elegant look will surely add up to the glamour of your kitchen.

So, now as you know about the colors that are ruling the scene for years now, what are you waiting for? Please visit https://www.geccabinetdepot.com/ or call at (612)877 6999 now for cherry or white shaker kitchen cabinets.

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