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3 Aspects of Kitchen Remodeling You Can Compromise On – An Expert’s Opinion

When it comes to new kitchen designing, there is a plethora of options and possibilities. But when it is about the remodeling of your existing kitchen, you are always going to fall short for options. There will be plenty of limitations that you have to keep in mind when you are designing the interior of your old kitchen.

Now, during a renovation project of the kitchen, most of the homeowners face one common problem. They become indecisive about the aspects where they need to compromise and the ones where they can opt for a complete change. So, here, in the following points, the expert designers of GEC Cabinet Depot are going to suggest a few tips that will help you deal with this dilemma. Take a look.


RTA kitchen cabinets

Refacing Over Replacing

Try to find out if there is any aspect in your kitchen that can be taken care of with a bit of refacing instead of completely replacing it. For example, if you find out that your kitchen cabinets are pretty much intact in its past glory, then why change it just for the sake of a new fixture? Just change the hinges and it will be again sturdy for use. Or for a little bit of retouch, you can think of changing the knobs and handles. Or if you actually have to replace, then going for RTA kitchen cabinets can be a good call on your part.

Don’t Change the Plumbing and Electric Lines

For renovation, let the fundamentals of the existing layout remain the same. Most importantly, don’t think of changing the plumbing or electric wiring. This will contribute to the mess of your kitchen and will call for more expenses. If you are having a hard time choosing big fixtures like cabinetry owing to the unchanged layout, opt for RTA kitchen cabinets. Functional and stylish, these cabinets are perfect for a remodeling project and can be installed at any place seamlessly.

Set the Limit of Expenses

When you are planning the kitchen remodel, a major decision is to chalk out the budget. Unlike a new kitchen design, where you are doing everything from scratch, a renovation offers you more chances to save a few bucks. For example, you don’t need to change the plumbing, wiring or flooring. You can also settle for RTA cabinets which are more affordable than the semi-custom or fully custom ones. You can reface just a few details without creating a major change. Find these areas where you can cut down your expenses and work accordingly.

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